M101 20mm Davy Crockett Spotting Round (Also 37mm xm415 xm446 etc)

How about a proof projectile?

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Does anyone happen to have color photos of the regular 20 and 37mm rounds? Or if you have actually seen it, can you describe the colors?


Jess, great thread, thanks for listing.


These images are from a Forum post in 2009:
20mm%20DC 37mm%20DC%20
I don’t know what specific versions these are but that is as close to the tactical appearance I have.

Note the brass fuze on the 37mm is much longer and the body and tail boom are different from the drawings in the above mentioned report. I’ll have to dig that info out and as I recall it was to recomend modifications and also includes a rimless case.

I would think the basic color scheme seen here would work.


First 37mm print.

I’ve got some sort of clogging problem, and a bad Z banding issue with the Z screw. Time to work on it.

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Look what the st. Louis air and space museum has in its collection

Archive link for reference.

Snagged the M101 pictures from the StLouis museum thread.

mystery%20object%20view%204 mystery%20object%20view%205 mystery%20object%20view%206 mystery%20object%20view%207


Here’s a full text online copy of FM 23-20 Davy Crockett Weapons System in Infantry and Armor Units (where some of the pages jestertoo posted came from):

Unfortunately, I couldn’t find a downloadable version.

This is a great thread. Thanks jestertoo and the others that contributed!

It is downloadable for free when you are registered with Google. Unfortunately I am not.

Alex, I am registered with Google. I just did not find the download link until now. So I can send you a copy. Just PM me (I am still not able to initiate a PM to you and Matt was not able to figure out why).

If anyone else needs a copy just PM me.

All: I found that the Field Manual file is too large to send by PM (11 MB). So if interested, PM your email address to me and I will send it by email.

Some color photos here:



from BOCN Bombatorium??

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FM 23-20 Thanks @LarryF264


Thanks a lot for sharing.

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jestertoo, I keep trying to contact you on BOCN but it doesn’t go through for some reason. Nice job on the 37mm’s.

Hey sorry… replied over there. It doesn’t notify me when I get a message, so I miss them.


I didn’t do a very good job painting and it is too thick so I had to grind some of the paint back off of it I do not do

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