M13 Links markings ID


I just looked at a belt of 40 links of used .308 brass that I have had for a while, and I never realised just how many different markings there are on the links.
Here is a list. Does anyone know who makes any of these?

M13 BP (British Pens? also make 7.62 M14 / SLR stripper clips)
M13 BGR 3
M13 BGR 6
M13 BGR 7
M13 9 חצ
M13 -9 חצ
M13 J
M-13 GCK (One only)
(+) FM3
M13 MFT (also have 5.56 link marked “MFT 1-042 M27”)
M13 WM 4 (one only)


M13 MFT = Metaalwaren Fabriek Tilburg (The Netherlands)
For the others I most take a look this weekend(then I have more time.


BRW is one of the more common .50 link mfgrs as well.


Here’s a list of the more common makers markings, the majority of the info is from Koen Bakker’s research.

AICS A.I.C. Systems Ltd. (Israel)
BLM Barry L. Miller Engineering Incorporated. (USA)
BP British Pens. (UK)
BRW Borg Warner Corperation. (USA)
D.S. Davies Steel Specialties Ltd. (UK)
FM FNMAL. (Portugal)
FN Fabrique Nationale. (Belgium)
GCK George K. Garret Inc. (?) (USA)
HD Hollandia. (Netherlands)
IMI Israeli Military Industries. (Israel)
IVI Industries Valcartier Incorpor


Thanks. I take it “(+) FM3” is FNMAL Portugal. That only leaves “BGR” and “J” unsolved.


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