M14 APERS identification problem


my first thread here. Short version after some tech difficulties:
am an independent ordnance historian with no political ties/interests who is looking at the development side of munitions, in this case contracting.
Who can help to please ID the MFG co. of these mines? Who knows where to find DoD ammo manufacturers guides pertaining to the abbreviations used from the 50s and 60s? Which co. is PPQ or PP?

Thank you for any help.

PS pics courtesy of Jolly Green and GregN of BOCN.


Dragontooth, welcome to the Forum. The document you are looking for is MIL-HDBK-1461 and it’s predecsssors. I have free downloads of the 1990 and 1999 versions on my website shown below.

In the 1990 version “LOP” is listed as “REMINTON OFF EQUIP DIV SPERRY RAND CORP” and listed as inactive. This is clearly not your “LOP”. As these codes become inactive they are reused.

I know you have been on the BOCN looking for codes before. I wish you luck. If you find any.





thank you for the response, I am however somewhat confused as to what you mean by ‘your’ ‘LOP’. Do you mean from my generation? Please explain.

I am aware of the fact that contracting for the M14 ended in ca. 1974 according to globalsecurity.org

However, if memory serves, during the years 55 and 69 Sperry Rand was probably the contractor for the GOCO LOP. Not sure. Do you have any idea where to take it from here, i.e. get older versions of the Mil Hdbks ?

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LOP may refer to the Lonestar Ordnance Plant, also known as the Lonestar Army Ammunition Plant, in Texarkana, TX.

Lew’s manufacturer codes may not be the same as the abbreviations used in ammunition lot numbers, and I suspect the LOP is part of the lot number in this case. Lonestar was an ammunition-loading plant for artillery shells, bombs, fuses, boosters, and other auxiliary ammunition items.


[quote]In the 1990 version “LOP” is listed as “REMINTON OFF EQUIP DIV SPERRY RAND CORP” and listed as inactive. This is clearly not your “LOP”. As these codes become inactive they are reused.


Sorry, I meant that in 1990 the “LOP” code was assigned to the “REMINTON OFF EQUIP DIV SPERRY RAND CORP”. The Mil Std indicates that the code was inactive meaning that the DOD had no contracts with this company in 1990. When I checked my 1999 version of the Mil Hdbk it shows “LOP” as assigned to “LOUISIANA ARMY AMMUNITION PLANT”. These codes are reassigned periodically when one company no longer has a contract and the letters fit another company that is active. The Lonestar Ordnance Plant may have once also used this code.

It looked to me as if your two mines date from the 1950s from the lot number, but I could be very wrong since I know nothing about mines. To identify who “LOP” is you need a copy of Mil-Std-1461 (after 1998 it became a Mil-Hdbk) that dates from the time your mines were made.

To better understand the lot number you may want to check Mil-Std-1168 which describes what information is in ammunition lot numbers. It may apply to mines also. My website has downloads available for two versions of the Mil-Std-1168 and also a Navy briefing telling you how to read the lot numbers from various periods. I hope this helps.



I believe the lot number on ammunition always includes this code with is even assigned to Lake City (LC) and other government owned ammunition plants.


Lew Cirtis e-mailed me and asked if I could help. According to the 1953 Army Ordance code listing:
LOP is Louisiana Ordnance Plant, Shreveport, LA.
PPQ is Precision Plastics Co.,m 4655 Stenton Ave., Philadelphia 44, PA
PP is Peerless Pump Div., FMC Corp., Indianapolis plant, 2005 Northwestern Ave., Indianapolis, 8, IN


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So, I sort of misread the years of production, thinking that 69 on the bottom mine was the year of production.
Hence, the years of production are 55 and 53 respectively.