M14A1 Armor Piercing Incendiary U.S. - vs - FN

A comparison of the US made M14A1 and the FN projectiles. There has been a lot of questions lately on the other forums wondering what the differences are between the two. Since I don’t belong to these sites, please repost appropriately to the corresponding forums.
Thanks Kevin

FN/55 on the left, FA/53 on the right.
The steel core (62.5gr) is set back ever so slightly on the FN, allowing just a little more incendiary compound to be added. (The core of the US made is 63gr.) The incendiary compound is the same in both, magnesium and barium nitrate.


Great job, again.

I posted the photo on Forum X. (Giving you full credit just in case something goes wrong) ;-) ;-)