M160 Frangible

Good morning to all,
need some help with a couple of points with this 7.62 Nato frangible, first being is there any reason other than the guy with the white/grey paint slipped out for a smoke break that this round only has a green tip?
The other question came to light while I was trying to find info on my first question in HWS volume III where I noticed that Frankford Arsenal had developed the XM160 then " In 1963 the XM160 was adopted as the M160 and production was transferred to Lake City"…as my example is dated 1965 it posed another question 'is this correct or did FA continue to manufacture them as well as LC?


Tony, I have the same round with the same headstamp but mine does have the correct white band. I hadn’t noticed the bit about production transferring to Lake City in 1963…interesting!

Same here. white/green paint

Hi Jim & Tom,
yes my 63 dated example also has the green & white band, which because of the date I presumed was a XM160 not so sure now if FA did continued manufacture M160 after 1963 it could well be a early production M160.

Don’t you just love our hobby!


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for whatever it’s worth I have it with green over white FA in: FA 62, ⊕ FA 63 but with a whitish grey bullet material, and ⊕ FA 65 as shown but with both colors. The Lake City are : ⊕ LC 70, and a arsenal cut-a-way headstamped ⊕ LC 63.

Two others with these colors are headstamped ⊕ LC 91 & ⊕ LC 93 have GM-jacketed bullets and are not frangible’s.

Noting with just a green tip in anything US in other than the duplex rounds.

My green over white frangible are. NATO FA 62,63,64,65. A h/s that is just FA (6:00). FA 63 MATCH. LC 64 and NATO RA 70

And these all marked Frangible with various note the ones on left are all FA cases. 60-67

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5.56mm M855, green tip denoting Belgian SS109 type bullet

I thought we were just talking about 7.62, on this thread not 5.56 or any other case types, or did I miss something?

Several years back, I bought a few 30 cal Frangible bulletys froma guy ata Gun colectors show. Said he got them fromsome surplus dealer near St. Louis Mo.These were teh same bulets as loaded at St Louis Arsenal for framgible 30/06. I have one and woddin ladba has the other of two unmarked rounds I got from My Dad who,mworked there during WW2. These were from a temperry display! hadnt folowed ten7.62 nato load, nor any 5.56 either. Intesresting thread!

A bit late but I just have found this image (in this very low quality) and thought you may want to see it.

Source: internet.