M1911 Modified .45 match ammo FA 53 and FA54

Guy Hildebrand’s post on August 14th showed a box with mixed cases having red stripes. Here is another example of that 1954 box, plus a 1953 box and the contents of each. Boxes themselves are standard M1911 Ball FA boxes with a paper lable pasted on the top to denote the match ammo contents. 1953 has red primer seal and 1954 has green. Both use steel cases. Although the bullet weight is listed as 210 grains (not the standard 230 grains used for the M1911 Ball) they look the same from the side, so I did not include a side photo.

Hi John - I explained the reason the bullets are 210 grain but look like 230 grain on the original thread. This is great, though. Now we have pictures of both boxes, and along with them the heads of the rounds that were in them, which exactly match the ones in my own collection that I described. Great! Thanks for posting this. Great boxes!