M1932 8x63 MG cartridge

I found the cartridge below in a box.
Headstamp seems to be Karlsborg, Sweden but ChrisP only mentions
the codes 25, 26, 28, 29 in his book. Not the 41 code.
The bullet is very slim, but might not belong to this cartridge.
If I shake the cartridge, I hear no powder.
Also there is a bit of red laquer in the groove at the botom.
Anybody any ideas ??? What does 41 stand for ?


If it is Karlsborg, with a 41 date (Not Code), then it can only be Norwegian 7,9x61 Browning MG, made under German Occupation.
The Germans utilised the Norwegian Brownings as Anti-Aircraft Guns on the Reichsbahn during the Invasion of Russia.(I have Photos).

If it is Swedish, then it is 8x63 M1932 MG cartridge, and a 41 date would be correct for Swedish production.

Look at the length of the Neck of the Cartridge case…It is too short for a .30/06. Check the based(head) measurement…both the 7,9x61 and the 8x63 are around the .480-.490" diameters, with a Rebated Rim at .470/.475

Doc AV
AV Ballistics

PS, I thought Karlsborg was Norwegian, not Swedish??? I may be Confused.
The Crown definitely looks Swedish, and the Layout is Swedish, so the 8x63 Description is more likel;y correct.

Must be the Cardiac Meds…

I have a 8x63mm Swedish Tracer M39 (8mm SkPtr m/32 med Slprj m/39) with the same headstamp and looks very similar to your round. The bullet on mine measures .319

That “K” headstamp is absolutely Swedish, from Karlsborg Munitions Factory. It is a very common headstamp on Swedish 9mm BL and 9mm Para, for example. It is not Norwegian, and while I don’t know, I have never heard or seen it referred to as a “naval arsenal.” Could have been one there, just have never heard that.

I think I got that maker information from the 1985 edition of

mea culpa, need to go to a doctor. I am seeing 30-06’s everywhere.
You guys are so right. The shoulder is slightly different as is the rim.


MY Confusion: Kongsberg is Norwegian, Karslberg is Swedish, and an Ammo Plant, and Karlskrona is a Swedish (Coastal) Town.

The cartridge is definitely a M1932 8x63 MG cartridge.

As to Mr. Ian Hogg’s publications, I have always found them to be full of inaccuracies, with some of them due to “Not doing back-ground checks” or
simply not measuring the items with a caliper or micrometer.

Doc AV
AV Ballistics.