M198 duplex in ballistic gel

Pardon if this is a dupe.

An interesting video. It tends to illustrate the primary reason the M198 was discontinued. That is - in theory, the second bullet was supposed to strike the target in a random pattern but in actual practice this did not prove to be the case. At 100 yards the second bullet deviated between 5 and 10 inches vertically but it always struck in the same area laterally. It did not result in a substantial increase in hit probability which led to it’s cancellation.

By the way, the M198 was not a SALVO cartridge, contrary to what the video says. It was not developed until after SALVO was concluded. Nor was it a 7.62x51. It was a 7.62MM Ball, Duplex, M198.


I imagine it was pretty expensive compared to effectiveness. What what I read, the 30/50 squeezebore was a lot more effective in target hits.