M19A1 Ammo Can, 7.62x51mm Ammunition TAA Manufactured For US Contract. Manufacturer Stamp on Can is ''GF'' Who Is GF?

Some background information from previous discussions here on the Forum:

TAA = US Dept. Of Defence code for 205th Arsenal in Kaohsiung, Taiwan, off shore contract.


Feb '16

Quote: "Lew, these cartridges were made by The 205th Arsenal in Kaohsiung, Taiwan (ROC). It was a DoD contract placed with General Dynamics that was subcontracted to this Taiwanese arsenal (used to be the factory no. 60A). This order solicited 5.56 mm M855 Ball and 7.62 mm M80 Ball and M62 Tracer, but only ball cartridges were supplied. Tracer loadings were sub-sub-contracted with PMC (PSD headstamp) and linked mixed with TAA ball.



Below is the can label showing amoung other info the cartridges were made by TAA (and PMC), dated 2008. The can was empty when purchased.

TAA08 can, b

Below are 2 photos of the same manufacturere stamp found on the lid hing end of the can, 07 = 2007, date of manufacture, M19A1 = model of can (box), GF = manufacturer, who is GF?

Any comments, discussion, answer are most welcomed.


Hi Brian, the manufacturer is Guo Feng Metal Corp., New Taipei City, Taiwan. They also made other boxes to US specifications, like M2A1, M548 and PA108. Regards, Fede.

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Never heard of that company until now! THANKS for answering my question.