M206 & M212 Flare, Aircraft Countermeasure's


Thought these were interesting so I nabbed them :-) I know nothing about them or what type of aircraft they were used in. They measure 8 inches long and 1 inch square.


My references and experiences with the M206 are dated, but it fits the ALE-40, -45, and -47 flare launchers. These are fitted to many USAF systems, including the A-10, AC-130, F-16 and C-17 aircraft. The threat of shoulder-fired heat seeking missiles (IR guided) was considered very real, and the flare systems were added to all cargo and most “utility” type airframes at one time. Airlift units that until then had no true “munitions” capability were required to handle the flares, train personnel such as crew chiefs and supply types to handle them, and provide appropriate (i.e. meeting safety and security requirements) facilities. Quite an effort.

There are numerous Chaff/flare magazines, e.g. MJU-11, -15, that could handle ejecting both the M206 flare and chaff cartridges, e.g. RR-170, RR-188. These were fitted to a wide range of cargo and fighter aircraft, and some helicopters.


Taber, thank you so much for the great info on these. I really appreciate your help a lot, especially learning the types of aircraft they are used in. Much appreciated and thanks for your service!