M26 grenade with plastic body

i would know if there exist a M26 (or foreign copies) with plastic body ?
i find a movie with these grenades (yes i know that is a movie so these grenades could not from real model

the link (few second before you can see grenades who appear chinese models (i think is a chinese origin film)

I have never seen of heard of production plastic body M26s from any country. There could have been experimental bodies but nothing that would have been produced that I know of. Plastic would not be a good material to use as it would break under pressure, think of a soldier ducking for cover and smashing the grenade to pieces, as the weight of the soldier, fuze, frag coil, HE would be too much for the plastic body to handle. The M26 metal body was already weak and would dent and in some cases the body would separate apart. Also there is an unknown blue plastic body grenade people think is a M30/26 trainer, the body shape is different though compared to a M26 and there is doubt it is a real US military made item. Also note that there are similar grenades that have used plastic bodies with frag coils, like the M26. One example is the unknown model Iraqi grenades, and those had the same issues I pointed out, even though they were much lighter in weight and used a powder HE mix. But as to the ones in the movie those look to be the recent made replicas, that I have seen for sale as props over the years, it’s odd too that they are marked in english in a chinese film.

While to my knowledge there were no US M26 fragmentation grenades made of plastic, there were plenty of similar shaped training grenades trialed and eventually dropped for various reasons. Generally, however, the reason is not due to the durability of the plastic. Those problems were solved decades ago, as study of rifle ammunition shows, you can tailor make plastic for nearly any application.

While the US has not gone to a plastic fragmentation grenade, many other countries have. The Austrians paved the way with Arges in the 70s, PRB of Belgium had many for export, China has also manufactured different models, the Czechs - the list goes on.

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thank for your response
nice pictures of these

i ask this question because of these others “plastic” grenades ,the thin metal body of the M26 would be “fragile” compare to these grenades but i think is not the problem with the adoption of the M67 grenade with more solid body

In 42 years associated with bomb disposal I have yet to see an M26 series grenade damaged by normal handling or wear and tear, other than involvement in incidents where any grenade would have the same difficulties. Removal of the crimp on the base or at the joint mid body is not something easily accomplished and is not something that happens by “accident”. Nor do they dent easily. I’m sure that with the high quantity produced (millions?) there will be exceptions, but I have not observed them. While preserving the paint is difficult for collectors, I would not characterize the grenade as fragile.

ah ok
i never handle an M26 or even the L2 serie ,so i don’t know the “harder” of the body
could be the same as can food ,so we can easily dent it but remain “solid” (cannot be pierced in normal conditions)

i think i find the type of the grenade who could be used in the movie (a plastic replica of the M26)