M27 Cal .30, Carbine, Tracer


M27 cal .30 carbine, tracer, copper wased steel jacket, lead filled with tracer comp. at rear. Brass case. Headstamp - LC/53, Cartridge is 191 - 13 grs, Projectile is 103 - 4 grs, Tracer is 5.5 grs approx., and Igniter is .5 gr. approx. Bright trace from 100-400 yards. A modification of the 32 Winchester self loading round of 1906.



Another good job. It’s interesting that the cartridge was based on the Winchester 32 SLR, was designated the 30 SR, and most of the early prototype cartridges were headstamped WRA 30 SL. No confusion there!



After seeing a little bit of your collection (very impressive!), that means alot to me. Thanks Ray