M276 7.62 NATO ammo?

Hello all, new member here. I ran across this site while researching M276 7.62 ammo. There seems to be some value to this ammunition but nothing set in stone, and I have a small quantity of it here at home. Can anyone give me a solid idea of what this stuff is worth per round other than what auctions have brought in the past? This is the latest purple painted tip M276 with headstamps ranging from LC 98 to LC 03 if that helps. Thanks in advance!



There are at least 7 iterations of the XM/M276 cartridges. Some are less common than others, but none are rare. Values are always tricky to determine in today’s world with so many on-line auction sites. The old saw about “something is worth whatever a willing buyer will pay” is a good rule to follow but there is a big difference between buyers on an auction and buyers at gun or cartridge shows.

Sorry that I can’t help more.

Now, having said that, can you share your research results with us? Not a lot is known about these cartridges and every little bit of information helps.


Mr. Meketa, sadly I haven’t found anything that has not already been covered. You have been one of my main sources of information so far from some of your findings on these cartridges, either here or on various other forums and it has been both interesting and a great help! The only info I can offer is that these M276 rounds I have trace very well through my night vision devices and seem to be fairly accurate (around 2 MOA or so), much more so than M62 tracer (4-6 MOA) out of my rifle for some reason. But then again, de-linked machine gun ammo has never been the gold standard for accuracy & consistency by any stretch in my limited experience haha!

From recent gun shows I’ve attended, maybe a buck a round individually, a little less in quantity. Saw some 100 packs for $75 once.

The purple tip, the most recent iteration of the dim tracer in 7.62 is less collectible, mostly shooting grade. The various bi-color variants run noticeably higher as those are more collectible grade. $5-$50. The green/white variant isn’t much more collectible than the purple tip. But I hesitate to categorize it as shooting grade.

Cheapest I’ve found on the purple tip is $4. Here is some pics of the green/ white and green/ purple. Have pics of purple tip cut but can’t find them right now. Most of the green/ white are GM bullets, but the hard one to find is the steel jacketed one. wolfgang

Items like the M276 dim tracer practically never show up at gun shows here in the center of the U.S.
There is one dealer in so called “exotic/super rare” ammunition that makes an appearance every 2 to 3 years and, based on past experience, they would probably have this priced at $10 per round on up because it is “super rare” and “experimental”.

Here are the seven XM/M276 cartridges that I’m aware of. (First seven, left to right). Sorry, there are no captions. The photo was taken a long time ago for another purpose.


Ray, why have you shown two purple-tipped rounds? I have a 1997 specimen and I’d guess that’s possibly the same as your item 7…but what is item 2?


Colors don’t show up too well. #2 is Pink Violet, FA 68. # 7 is Purple Violet LC 95.

Don’t ask me to explain the difference between pink, violet, and purple. ;-)


A search using XM276 will pull up details on the very early dim tracers. I think an explaination of the variation in color of the late LC violet/lilac tips is also there somewhere. I don’t have access to my notes at present so can’t contribute any more at this time.


Don’t forget, the guys and gals working at FA and LC were just like us, and Jack’s perception of a particular color may have been different than Jill’s. If the spec called for Pink, each could have interpreted it differently. I know that I have to look at color tips and primer seals in both indoor lighting and bright sunshine, using my tired old eyes and a jeweler’ loupe to be sure of what I am looking at. Even then, I can’t always be sure.


i have some purple tipped rounds with two canelures. I sent one to wolfgang and I guess he’ll cut it to see if it’s real or not.

1970 seems too early for an M276 but the only way to be sure is to pull the bullet. Also, has the primer crimp been removed? Hard to tell.


[quote=“RayMeketa”]1970 seems too early for an M276 but the only way to be sure is to pull the bullet. Also, has the primer crimp been removed? Hard to tell.


  1. Primer crimp is good.

My mistake. It looked like a 70 from my angle.