M276 Series 5 Dim Tracer


M276 7.62x51mm series 5 Dim Tracer , GM bullet, green over white tip, headstamp - LC/93. Small amount of tracer comp., and little red rubber piece keeps falling out. Once it falls out, can never got one inserted correctly back again.
(Series 6 purple tip was shown previous)



Another good one, not often seen sectioned.

Two questions. 1) Isn’t this an XM276? 2) Where did the designation “series 5” come from?



Back on May 3rd you wrote under heading “more color tips”;
white/orange- FA68- first prototype
pink- FA68- 1st type 550yds
white/pink- LC69- 2nd type 1100yds
green/pink- LC69- 3rd type 930yds
green/white- LC70- GMCS
Green/white- LC92- GM
Purple- LC95- M276
Assumed that LC70 was 4th type, and LC92 was 5th. Figured it was a group of these in the same class coming one after another, (or a series). Is that the same thing? Don’t know, you are the expert.
So than just the purple tip LC95 is a true M276, all the rest are XM276? Is there any books with these decribed better?
(need to find out because have a Type 3, green/pink LC69 was going to post today) kevin



I was hoping that you had found better information than I had. I still do not know when the M276 was adopted but believe it was sometime in the late 1980s or early 1990s. TM 43-0001-27 dated April 1994 shows the M276 as having the Green/Pink tip color of the 3rd type. I assume that the cartridges with different tip colors are all M276 after that date. Except for the Brown tip M62 (Green trace).

I called them 1st Type, 2nd Type, etc to differentiate between them. Maybe I should not have done that. I didn’t think that it may become official, by default. And I’m far from an expert. More like an ex-spurt.

No one chimed in to set the record straight at that time and I doubt if you’ll get a better answer this time around either.

The Army didn’t do us a favor by designating all of the dim tracers as XM276 and M276.



Scranton also uses the designations “1st type”, “2nd type”, etc. for these cartridges in “Small Arms Ammunition Identificaiton Codes”. I don’t think it is official but it does seem like a reasonable way to differentiate them, similar to the type designations for the .50 BMG SSB projectiles described in the most recent Journal.

One thing that has always confused me is the green over white tipped round. Scranton indicates that the LC 69 green over white tipped round is a color coding error and it should actually be green over pink (3rd type). It seems odd to me that they would continue with the same error in 1992.



I’ve also heard it said that the Green/White were fakes, intended to be a rare experimental for the cartridge show trade. But I’ve pulled bullets on several of them, dating from 1970 thru 1992 and they are all XM276 type tracers with both GM and GMCS.

Maybe someone at LC was not aware of the Green/White Frangible (not very likely), or the tip-dipper was color blind. ;)




Do the GM and GMCS jackets correspond to particular dates? I’m wondering if there was a date cutoff where they made the switch.



I don’t know. I haven’t seen enough of each to tell if there’s a definite pattern. The GM seem to be later. Maybe somebody has a GM from the late 60s and early 70s???

There is most likely a detailed report on the development of the XM276. There are a lot of reports in the archives that are available to the public but only a very few of them have been posted on the Internet.

Sounds like a job for HWS as soon as III is published. ;) ;)