M3 Carl Gustaf

Looks like a cool round to have in a collection.
foxnews.com/us/2014/03/10/bi … k-stopper/

The hype makes a giant leap from the 5.56x45 to the M3, completely ignoring the variety of choices in between. For example, the old reliable .50 BMG.


…or a LAW or RPG, etc. And haven’t those CGs been around for a decade or two?

They’ve had the Carl Gustav for years, at least the round. The AT-4 is (for those who don’t know and not trying to insult those who do) a Carl Gustav derived round, complete with side primed recoiless casing stuffed in a disposable launcher. The Marines have had the SMAW 84mm launcher and rocket for decades, found the bunker buster was limited, and developed a multi-purpose HEAT round for it. Thought they should have had the Carl Gustav back then. Oh well, we finally adopted the M240 (FN MAG-58), guess it was only time before we caught up with the rest of NATO. Cheers, Bruce.

Johnnyc, make it five decades, at least.

Make it exactly 66 years as of 1948. Back then they had brass cases.

Fired cases and blue target practise projectiles from a Carl Gustav are not that hard to find.