M528 ammo box for 20x139 HS

I found this at a show and the seller told me it was a rare box. After I wondered how the seller knew that, he produced an IAA forum printout of my OWN post some time ago M139 gun ammo box, so I had to buy it.

Haha too funny. I dont think it’s really that rare though, have seen a few over the last year for sale, even picked one up for myself for $20.

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Vlad, good you have brought up the subject.

The M601 API-T is identical to the German DM43 (or A1 variant).
I never saw a Hispano made projectile of this type. Also I am not sure if I ever saw a Hispano made HEI-T in US Service.

Does anybody have photos of these 2 cartridges with Hispano lot numbers on them?

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i had the chance to see a picture of the cartridge
shell entirement yellow (fuze included) with black stencil ,fuze with “teton” at the tip
case steel lacquered ,color dark blue/grey

Yes, I am aware what the rounds do look like. I’d be interested to see the lot numbers on those.

Complete segway, I googled M139 gun, and as part of that, found the experiment where the army put a 20mm M61 as a door gun in a huey… They also put an M139 there but that’s not as awesome…


Did you show him your ID, and offer to autograph the article?
He might have dropped the price a bit… ;-)

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Another collector sent the following photos to me. He said that ammo came inside the box but he was not sure if the ammo was the correct one for the box.

with the marking on shells ,i think the rounds are from the box

To confuse me;

If I read correctly lot 42 and lot 24!!! :-)

So far I assume the “HS” boxes did not contain HS made ammo for some reason.
This is why I am trying to find a HS lot number on the actual ammunition.