M62 7.62x51 Brown Tip Tracer


Was hoping someone could help me out. Posted these last year? and now can not find any information about them. Just put some pictures on a different forum, and now they want proof. From what I remember:
M62 green tracer, brown tip headstamp LC/91 7.62x51
Were these used by special forces so that the enemy would think it was thier own men shooting com. bloc. tracers? Would apperciate any help. Thanks Wolf


yes. There is also a .50 BMG version as well. Green tip, since brown’s already the standard tip color code for .50 tracer.


Thanks 50m2hb, didn’t know about the 50bmg. Someone on other board chimed in who was special forces and used these before in Iraq, all dated in '91.
Searched the web for couple of hours yesterday and found nothing. Not even a mention or write up. Whats the possibility to verify this other than hear say? wolf


It’s not been written up that I know of, due to the confidentiality of the load for many years. My information came from LC.


Do you know this “special forces” guy in person or is he just another forum poster? With some of the stories that circulate the internet, I would be hesitant in believing anything like that. No offence meant to genuine military veterans, but anyone can claim to be whoever over the internet. All sorts of ammunition gets names like “sniper, experimental, top secret, special forces” etc. attached.


I know the guy that posted the information on another ammunition forum. He’s legit and a good guy. I first saw these rounds in early 1992 at Dan LeClair’s house. He asked ME about them, because I had recently returned from Desert Storm and he wanted to know if I had seen or heard of these over there. As I recall, these green tracers were developed rather quickly and sent into the theater just before the ground campaign started. The SEALs and Special Forces guys were operating behind Iraqi lines and thus the green tracers would make a good ruse if they were engaged by the Iraqis. I have not heard if they were ever used as intended, or if the ruse worked.

I don’t know how confidential these rounds were at the time, but at least one box full was already circulating in the collector market by 1992…



No problem if you have met him and he is legit. I am just the type of person to take internet stories with a grain of salt.

I am not referring to this forum as the information here is very high quality and has been very useful to me as a collector. I am referring to the internet as a whole.


At the time these were being produced, I was trying to find out from a contact I had in LC to learn what green mixture was that being used. I was told it was a “big secret”! I later learned it was G-284, which was R-284 with the strontium nitrate simply replaced with barium nitrate. Big secret. The igniter remained the same, I-194. JH