M72 30 cal match quality?

I was wondering if anyone knew much about the older surplus M72 30-06 Match ammo, particularly that with a headstamp of “FA60” from Frankford? Is this stuff corrosive or non-corrosive, and would ammo like this still be good for “match” type shooting, or is it at least as good as over-the-counter Winchester type stuff? Thanks for any info!

Oh my it’s really really poor,bad,inaccurate,will ruin your weapon.Being a nice guy and wanting to keep this terrible,dangerous ammo from falling into the wrong hands if you would ship it to me at no charge I will destroy it round by round.

Thanks for the satire Mr Newbie, but this isn’t a knucklehead forum like Highroad or firingline where half the posts are worthless.

Anybody with any real info is appreciated.

THIS, From the CMP, regarding sales of their older surplus stock. I’d shoot it.


All ammunition is subject to deterioration over time. Customers should expect that 5% to 15% of the cartridges in any can may exhibit some stages of discoloration or corrosion or other abnormalities. As with any surplus ammunition, each and every round should be carefully checked before use. Deformed or otherwise suspect rounds should not be fired.

These cartridges are aged surplus military ammunition. This ammunition is NOT newly-manufactured, and is sold STRICTLY IN


I believe the Match ammo by that date was non-corrosive. There were some 1950s and 1960s Match that were loaded with corrosive primers, supposedly because they were more accurate, but they would have the boxes marked as such.

They are probably no more nor no less accurate than any new stuff available. Factory ammo has made big strides in quality in the last 15 to 20 years.

The full boxes may have some added value to collector/shooters. An inquiry on one of the shooting Forums would be a good idea before you decide to shoot it all.