M80A1 7.62 Nato ammo cans

In a recent lot of .30 cal ammo cans I received, I was glad to see 3 variations of the M80A1 can for the new EPR 7.62 Nato rd (and companion tracer). The can on the top left had a 2017 date stamped into the can, while the digi-print one on the top right had a 2018 stamp. The lower left was 2015. The two on the top are the same can from Lake City, but with the digi-print being on an 18 can, and the yellow on a '17, I guess that means the print type transitioned in late '17 or early '18? Unless they do both print types concurrently?

The other interesting can was a faded 12ga breaching can, which at first I assumed was for the typical Federal M1030, but then I wondered why there would be only 25rds (one box)? Unless it was some odd disrupter breacher of larger size and foam insert packing? I believe the DTC code is for the Army “Developmental Test Command”? Lots of questions…

Matt, nice boxes, thanks for sharing.

The 12 gauge box was renovated at an ammunition supply point to indicate a box with a lesser quantity than standard (thus the “LITE BOX” marking in red). DTC is the symbol assignated to Safariland, LLC, who purchased “Defense Technology Corporation of America” an inherited their symbol.



Thanks for the info!