M82 Primer for 155mm Artillery


I have no clue. It is a rimmed all-metal shotshell. What is it?

Headstamp reads: 82 LS-1 30 -61 3-66


This is not a shotshell, but in fact an M82 primer for one of the 155mm Separately-loaded artillery systems. The projectile is loaded first, then the propellant is loaded in bags. The amount used can be altered depending on the situation. I also have one of these. Does it have a 6 sided petal crimp at the top? I presume it also feels very heavy, as the “primer” is in fact the base of a firing pun running up some way throgh a hole in the solid brass “case”. This then strikes an internal primer cup, which in turn sets off a seconday ignition charge. This was made at the Lone Star ammunition plant, approximately 12 miles west of Texarkana, Texas. There is a cutaway diagram of one here. Is this a live round of fired case? Mine is fired. Mine is headstamped “M82 LS 239 - 23 6-17” in exactly the same style as yours. It appears that yours was made in March 1966 (3-66), whereas mine is June '77 (6-77). Hope this answers your question.


Thanks. You are correct. It is un-fired, it is heavy, it has a 6 segment red crimp on top. What kind of a gun fired this? Any photos?


This is the current M-198 155mm Howitzer. Photo probably taken in Iraq or Possibly Afghanistan.
Does anyone have photos of the projectiles for this beast?


Try this:

globalsecurity.org/military/ … ns/155.htm