M829A4 cutaway. Really an A3

src: https://www.reddit.com/r/ThingsCutInHalfPorn/comments/d5f8fk/cutaway_of_the_m829a4_apfsdst_round/



Wow! Nice, very nice.
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Amazing photo! This is actually the, M829A3 not A4. Still, it is one of the best photos of the A3 that I have seen outside ATK’s brochure. So Awesome! Thanks for posting this!


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I was going to say, I can’t say I have actually seen any really detailed photos of an M829A4, let alone a cutaway!

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For someone more interested in WAPA rather than NATO big bore; what are the visual tell-apart signs of the A3 and A4?


There are a few key differences between the two. The few photos of the A4 that are out there are not super detailed, but the sabot petals have some differences, the dart profile is different and the A4 utilized a black dart with a more server point then the A3, which is silver colored with a more rounded dart tip. I found a additional photo of the base of this A3 cutaway with its factory ID plate that says, “A4,” on it, which is wrong. I have caught a bunch of mistakes on other ATK corporate lititurature and advertisements in the past. Last time I spoke with a, ATK rep, details of the A4 was still classified. So maybe this is why it was marked inaccurately?

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As Jason, I and another researcher were discussing, the M829A4 has a data link contact (2 rings around the primer) to program the projectile(s).
And as it is claimed to be able to breach reactive armor of the new generation everybody is now speculating on precursor projectiles included in the main sub-projectile (i.e. penetrator).
And in my view these are getting programmed depending on the target distance and then are launched ahead of the penetrator close to the target. I assume there must be 2-3 of them which have an own rocket motor or propellant charge and probably even a tiny charge in the nose section.
This of course is only my guess for the time being.

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