M852 Match Special Lot

Here is a carton of 7.62MM MATCH M852 SPECIAL LOT C. Cartridges are standard M852 with an LC 87 MATCH headstamp.

Special Lots were cartridges that were processed “in-house” at LCAAP. They were made in pre-production quantities for Quality Control and Ballistic tests, or for some other special purpose. The cartridges in this carton are loaded with Ball powder, a departure from the traditional IMR used in the M852. This may or may not have been purpose of the special lot.

Since the tests were conducted at LC it was not uncommon to have the cartons not sealed in the usual manner. This carton is closed at both top and bottom with a small piece of masking tape.

Anybody seen a Special Lot A or B ??

Maybe lot C exists only to confuse the enemy, to make them think there are lot A and B :)


I’m sure you are right! That certainly explains the absence of A and B.