M852 match


I know this is a long shot at best since nobody but me and NATO Dave collect 7.62mm MATCH cartridges, but . . .

Anybody out there have any M852 Match cartridges with '83, '84, or '85 headstamp dates?? If so, can you tell me what they are? I mean, are they NM or MATCH? If you also have the box, what is the lot number?





I have one with the headstamp “LC 85 MATCH”. Just a single specimen, no box.


Thanks Phil. Every little bit will help. The change-over from M118 to M852 is a little confused and unless it’s written down it will be lost to history. I’ve been in contact with shooters who actually used both of them in matches and they’ve been a big help. But, let’s face it. None of them (and me) are getting any younger and our memories are not the best. So, I can only try to piece together the truth with actual cartridges, tempered with the memories.

Look for the next JOURNAL. Hopefully there’ll be an article on National Match Rifle ammunition.