M855A1 Enhanced Performance Round (EPR)

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Is there anyway you could link the original powerpoint or .pdf either in the thread or via PM?

I tried rooting about through the DTIC website over my lunch break just now and had no luck finding anything.



Here’s a link I had, but it is a completely different document, but the same cover-sheet.

acc.dau.mil/GetAttachment.aspx? … lang=en-US

This may be of interest too:

dtic.mil/ndia/2010armament/T … yWoods.pdf

jmc.army.mil/NewsReleases/Ar … ridge.docx

fbo.gov/index?s=opportunity … a73041ab61

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Educational article about M855A1 development:

soldiergeek.com/milblog/2011 … f-the.html

I was told by a small manufacturer with an FFL-6 that he had heard that the M855A1 was to be (or already has been?) classified as “armor piercing”. This is no huge deal except that it would mean that the ammo would supposedly be subject to the 2005 law: Title 10> subtitle B> part4> chapter 443> §4688 which stipulates that the U.S. government/military was no longer able to disseminate surplus ammunition to any non-governmental/law-enforcement agency if that ammunition had an “armor piercing” designation. If this were true than none of this M855A1 would ever become available in large quantity for civilians. It seems strange since the person I talked to said that the original M855 would continue to not be listed as AP, and the two bullet types share similar non-AP characteristics as far as the government is usually concerned (not having a singular solid hard core). Has anybody else heard this about its designation?

A word of caution about some of the statements in the various presentations and articles: so far, the only source of information about the performance has been the official US Army people involved in developing and introducing the EPR. I won’t report rumours here, but I’ll just say that I’m reserving judgment until more independent information is available.

Tony, please do report rumours here. I mean, there’s been no real news on this for so long that I’d be interested in anything, substantiated or not. ;^)

Well, let me just say that I’d like to see some independent verification of the chamber pressures reached (and the resulting gun life), the trajectory match with M855, and the terminal performance against various targets.

In case it’s of interest: M855A1 headstamp and primer crimp