M856A1 Tracer Cutaway

Finally finished the M856A1 “Green” Tracer LC/14/NATO
Copper replacing the lead slug. Being steel jacketed, its hard to tell apart from a normal M856.
Is Copper better than lead for the environment?

Yes, as lead is a heavy metal and poisonous while copper is not. In my view just a ridiculous expensive solution.
And if money is wasted already why do they dare to make a separate iron jacket which certainly will cause higher barrel wear and probably is more expensive than making the whole projectile of copper.
And besides all that; what was wrong with the good old steel core which could add additional piercing power and make it an AP-T? Other countries did this and seem to be happy with.

I personally doubt very much that copper is harmless. In biology in school we were told you can kill a tree with a copper nail.

We have to recognize that lead is all around us. The amount of lead present in a typical acre of land in central Europe is quite large. The activities of hunting with lead bullets and shot per acre in my view totally disappears in the lead background already present.

Its a bit like banning the use of salt on ocean going ships, because seawater could get salty.

I expect as soon as copper-based bullets have replaced lead, environmentalists will raise hell about how bad copper is for the environment.

To go along with EOD comments. How about indoor ranges with lead vapor flying? I was born on a family pear orchard. There were no commercial mixed tree sprays in those days. Everything was mixed during each sprayer refill. We used Lead arsenate, Arsenic, Copper Sulfate, Lime and Liquid sulfur. Spraying was done with a pressure gun with spray flying everywhere. Never knew of anyone getting sick or dying. How did we survive?? More people die if food poisoning than farm workers.

Can anyone provide “factual” information regarding the cost per round of the M855 and M856 versus the M855A1 and M856A1.

By the way copper closed at 2.62 per lb. and lead closed at .81 per lb. today. How do you think this effects the coat of “Green” ammunition??