M865 training projectile

Hello all I’m new here and need some help with value of a m865 training projectile I found at a yard sale. In pretty good shape . Any help is greatly aprichiated thanks.

That’s very nice! I specialize in these type of specimens. Its always nice when you get them complete with their sabot assembly. I have seen these sell for as low as $200 and as high as $700. It all depends on where you offer it for sale. Flea markets and gun shows, usually low, on high traffic auction sights, a lot higher. It would get the highest price on EBAY, but they terminate most inert order auctions (not all).

PS: Thank you for posting this. Its always super cool seeing large bore threads here on the IAA, especially my fav, tank fired SABOT rounds.

What would you value this one at in the condition it’s in?

Can you please post additional photos that better show its condition?


What I have picture wise right now

I have no idea why the band looks burnt either I picked it up at a yard sale about a week ago

It does look burnt. Could be a EOD thing to demill the projectile??? It is always hard to say what something like this is worth. In a auction environment, it could go high to someone that does not have one represented in their collection or just thinks is bad ass. As an advanced collector of tank fired SABOT rounds, It would be worth about $200. Someone else, could pay over a thousand? You never know. If you are looking to sell it, I recommend a auction. EBAY is ideal, but they hate items like this and will often kill the auction and ban the seller for a month or more. They are very anti gun, and American, with a hardcore, “SNOWFLAKE COMPLEX!” lol For this reason, I recommend other auction sites.


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Cool thank you I was also told there are 3 different types of this m865 different cones or something of that sort

Actually, there are more then 3 mods of the M865. :-)


What is the difference in the stabilizer cones seen some have fins some have holes some have slots like mine ?

There are two types of cone stabilizers. The first Mods used ported cones and future mods use slotted / fluted cones. There were also various sabot changes.


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