M889 .223 Commercial Incendiary


M889 .223 commercial incendiary with gliding metal jacket, blue tip, headstamp - FC/.223/REM. Made at Wolf River Ammo Plant for the military.(Maybe Utah?) Came from a 20 round card board military box, which I don’t have. All were made on commercial headstamps.
The last picture is a FAKE incendiary from a Jacksonville, FL show last year. Beware, he’s still selling them for just as much as the real ones!


wolfganggross–Any way to tell the Fake one from the real one without sectioning or X-ray?


Obviously Bullet shape ( the FAKE is “roundier”, the real Trace is “pointier”, and the colour marking is different, and not regular on the Fake.)…and also overall cartridge mass.

Doc AV


No expert here, but after pulling the projectiles, noticed that the real incendiary didn’t have a cannelure. The fake/ball has a cannelure. The M855 has one and so does both tracers.
Here’s a mean sample of 10.
Avg cart wt - 10.93gram/ 168.7grain (10.88-11.02)
Projectile wt - 2.85gram/ 43.9grain

Avg cart wt - 11.43gram/ 176.8grain (11.38-11.48)
Projectile wt - 3.56gram/ 54.9grain



It appears that the fakes use a fired NATO case. Is that typical of the fakes?

BTW, I went to you photo account to see the photos at a bigger scale and it froze my PC. It must be all of the girlie pics that you have stored there. ;)



Ray, sorry this took so long. Put these way in back of closet to help forget about them. All fake M889 (10 that I bought) had LC/07 headstamp.