M93 headstamps on Romanian ammo

Romania used headstamp M93 to identify cartridges 6,5x54R for Mannlicher rifle M1893
The same system was used by German DWM and Austrian manufacturers, which produced 6,5x54R cartridges for Romania before WWI.

In 1924-1926 British Kynoch made a lot of 8x50R Mannlicher cartridges for Romania.

Why Kynoch used headstamp M93 for this 8 mm ammunition, if even Romania marked this caliber with headstamp 8A (8 mm Austrian, I think)?

The final form of the Steyr 8 m/m rimmed cartridge also carried the Austrian designation M.93. Jack

Yes, you are right. But was it possible that Romania used military Austrian cartridge designation?

It’s just a duality of the designation and nothing to mix up.
Romania desinated the ammunition along with the introduction of these weapons: hungariae.com/Mann93.htm
Austro-Hungary designated it’s ammunition with the year of adoption of improvements (no connection with an introduced new rifle): en.wikipedia.org/wiki/8x50mmR_Mannlicher