Mac 380 smg


In Hobart’s ‘Pictorial History of the Sub-Machine Gun’ reference is made to the Ingram Model 11 chambered in 9mm Short/.380 for which Winchester produced special high-velocity ammunition headstamped MAC 380 SMG.

Does anyone have more details of this ammo, especially the bullet weight, type and muzzle velocity (presumably from the SMG barrel)?


Gary Reusze shows some for sale on his website ( under Amer-British pistol .0 - .40 cal list for $3.50 a piece. His description says: [quote]130 gr. FJRN MAC 380 SMG (flat nickel primer with maroon seal. These are specifically loaded hot for MAC M11 SMG’s. Not to be used in a 380 handgun)[/quote]

He also shows a pic of the headstamp


Thanks for that. 130 grains is really heavy for that little cartridge. Anyone know the MV?


Here’s more data from an old AFTE journal article by Monty Lutz from pages 35 & 36 of the August 1975 journal. I had to cut & paste images from the old Paperport viewer that they use as a reader (low quality). I know we don’t usually just copy other articles and post them here, but this is sort of an obscure, obsolete, old and abandoned item:


Many thanks, that’s excellent info!

I’d like one of those rounds offered for sale, but trying to get even a deactivated one sent from the USA these days is not worth the hassle.


From 2008 to this year, I must have had close to 1000 rounds sent from the USA inerted. Getting a pulled one posted shouldn’t be a problem. You could always find someone to bring you one back from SLICS next year.