Made in Slovak Republic HOTSHOT 9mm Luger

Scored a box of Hotshot Elite Made in Slovak Republic 9mm Luger today.

Headstamp is HOTSHOT (over) 9mm LUGER with a dash between the T and R. Box and tray are the same as ZVS except for the color scheme. My last ZVS box was lot 11. 2013, this Hotshot box is lot 48. 2013.

My first two searches for HOTSHOT failed to get me the previously posted pictures of Slovak-made HOTSHOT 9mm. My mistake.

Is that on the market here now? Have never seen this headstamp before - that is, this form of the hotshot headstamp. I simply one errant box, please don’t shoot them all up.

Found it at local (county) gun show along with boxes of El Dorado Starfire 124gr JHP 9mm and 1984-vintage Santa Barbara semiblindado 9mm. Seller had two HotShot boxes. Only HotShot I’ve ever seen for sale anywhere and I wanted ZVS examples; I’ve no intention of shooting them.

GB search of Hotshot brings up 9mm and 7.62x39 made in Ukraine, 7.62 Nagant made in Serbia, and .223 made in Korea. Century Arms must have been busy getting that many ammo makers to make their brand. Cheers, Bruce.

In my first entry on this thread I confused the Slovak version of HOTSHOT with the TOP SHOT brand and headstamp. The Slovak “HOTSHOT” was actually around in fairly high quantity awhile ago.

The first HOTSHOT ammo in 9 mm Para to appear on the market, I believe, was made in Romania. I have the box label, which is similar to the later HOTSHOT boxes, although the Romanian ammunition itself has a “SADU 9x19 08” headstamp.

The Slovak version has the “HOTSHOT 1 9mm LUGER” headstamp, and I believe it was the one following the Romania effort. The “dash” on the headstamp previously referenced here is actually clealy a figure of the numerical digit “one” complete with the “hook” at the top of the figure, pointing down-left, rather than a dash.

Next IO believe was the ammunition from Bosnia-Herzogovina. It, like the Romania, does not have a “HOTSHOT” headstamp, but rather a standard Igman headstamp with the trademark form of “I” at the top and “9 x 19mm” at the bottom of the headstamp. Again, the box is the general HOTSHOT pattern.

The last to come in was from the Ukraine. Unlike the other brass-case ammunition, it is in lacquered-steel cases with the headstamp “HOTSHOT LU 9 mm LUGER.” The “LU” on the headstamp is in smaller letters than is the word “HOTSHOT.” They stand for “LUGANSK”, the city in which the Lugansk Cartridge Works of Ukraine is located. The last I heard, quite recently, this factory had fallen under the control of a terrorist organization calling themselves the “Republic of Lugansk,” and had not been operating for a couple of months even before that armed take-over due to a suspension of shipments of the bimetal, used for cases and bullet jackets, from Russia, although they were expecting to be operating again in a couple of months. With the situation in Ukraine, that may have been optimistic.

Other than the news from Ukraine, I think all of this information appeared on a previous Forum discussion of the variations of HOTSHOT 9 mm ammo. I do not know of any in this caliber not listed above.

As LCW is under Spearatist control Russia might be well supplying raw materials already. A definative answer we will have when the conflict has ceased.