Madsen's & Son alberta

Hello everybody,

I found an empty shotshell box with the following name stamped on a lable.

Madsen’s & son
standard Alberta

The box is a Russian 25 count 12 Ga box.

Can anybody tell me something about the name on the box.

Regards rené

Hi René, Madsen’s & Son was a general goods store located in Standard, Alberta, Canada. This designation was used from 1966 until 1969, but this store existed until mid 1970’s. Do you find this label in an Azot box? Regards, Fede.

Hi Fede,

Thanks for the info.
Stupid me thought that Standard had something to do with “standard” ammunition instead of a place.

Here is a picture of the box.

regards rené

René, thanks for the picture. Do you know what was inside? I have pictures of the same box with date of loading 1968.

Hi Fede,

Unfortunatly I have only the empty box!
My box also has a loading date of 1968. And a price of $2,75!!

Regards rené

Yes stadard is a tiny farming town of 300 people about an hour east of Calgary. No hardware store even left there now.

A blue box variation that is full. I also have the black one but it is empty.
The only difference I can see is on the right side where it says PARTIQ (somehow I can’t seem to figure out how to get my Cyrillic font to work on this so…) No 220 (=No 4 shot?) on the black version & No. 225 (=No 5 shot?) on the blue variation. Both have a 1968 date, a price of $2.75 & no retail store markings on the price sticker.

Pete, nice variation, thanks for sharing. The shot size number is found above the loading date and below the powder and shot weight. The front says “Hunting Cartridges” and the bottom panel “Sputnik”, which explains the satellite illustration.

Hi Pete,
Indeed a nice variation. Thank you for sharing
Fede thanks for your input! As usual very helpfull.

Regards rené

Your welcome Fede & rené

was what wouldn’t work before but now I figured out how to show it. Google translate = party or in this case = Lot or Batch

So my No 200 is the blue box lot/batch & No 225 is the black batch /lot number, nothing to do with shot size which as you both note was on the other side.

So rené on your black box, what is the lot / batch number ?

Think these Sputnik items are just great, I also have an empty cigarette box with a Sputnik ‘logo’ on it.

Lot number 238

Regards rené