Magazine Article by Jaime Regalado, 6.5 x 58mm M/904 Mauser-Vergueiro

Unfortunately; not in English.
However; hope it may be of interest.

Municao_6_5_x_58_mm_m_904_Mauser_Verguei.pdf (868.0 KB)


Sam, thanks a lot!

Never saw a crimped or wood bullet blank before!

Aha … thank you, this answers some questions. I’ve long thought the 2 lug phosphated but unmarked chargers were Portuguese but as they’re identical to 7,92x57 ones apart from the lugs, I assumed they were for this later calibre, so it’s grand to have these confirmed as for 6,5x58.

These chargers seem to all have fire-blued springs, this one is dark-straw but they vary between a blued finish to very dark brick red, this is a feature you see nowhere else.


Interesting article, i had never seen any photos/documentation of stripper clips that were specifically made for 6,5x58mm. Does anyone have more information or photos on the first type of clip shown in the article? (the one with the flat pressure plate, similar to the czech 7.9mm clips)

I’m not at home at the moment so I can’t check but I suspect this form of clip was patented by either Georg Roth or Karel Krnka … in my collection I list them under “Roth Pattern” as he seems to be the earliest user of the design. Apart from Austro-Hungary, Czechoslovakia and Portugal this type of charger was used by Romania, Turkey, Great Britain (experimentaly in the late 1940’s) and Norway.

The design is supposed to even out the pressure of the spring acting upon the base of the cartridge by using a seperate spring and pressure plate. About 20 years ago I tested both a “Mauser” and a “Roth” pattern during a rapid-fire stage at a military ETR range and I didn’t notice any difference between the two. Here’s a Turkish made one broken down to show the component parts.