Magazine issues

I am looking for a few cartridge related magazine articles/ads which are older and hard to find issues and wonder if anybody might have these in a dusty stack somewhere, and if they might be willing to trade/sell/part with these to me. They are:

American Handgunner Nov/Dec 1981
september 93 soldier of fortune

Also, any magazines (probably from the 70’s & 80’s) with articles and/or advertisements on such pistol-caliber AP ammunition as THV, Omnishock, Arcane, Guilford cyclone (G.E.A.), American ballistics (ABC), National cartridge (black steel), Swedish M39B 9mm, German 08 m.E. 9mm, and any new PDW AP calibers. I already have some of these, but they are very limited and I mostly only have one article a piece for just a few of these. The only articles I have in quantity at this point are on KTW, and so I have more than enough info on that. Aside from wanting original copies, I am also interested in buying or trading for any scanned copies or high quality photo copies for any type of advertisement or article of any sort on these type of ammo.


Just realized I should have put this in the buy/sell/trade folder… sorry, I am a newby.

What are the article titles? I may have copied the articles and tossed the mags.

Not sure on the titles, I have noticed that they usually incorporate the name of the cartridge in question, or else they will have a descriptive characteristic of the bullet’s qualities in the title such as “penetrating” or “piercing”. I do know that the American handgunner article on Arcane in the 1981 issue showed a color picture of a pyramid-shaped stack of Arcane cartridges standing on end at the tops of one of the article’s 2 or 3 pages.

DK, Go to the home site for the Forum ( and look at the index for over 50 years of IAA Journal. You will find a number of articles of interest. The link to the index is along the left side of the screen. You may also want to search this Forum.

Cheers, Lew

Thanks Lew, I have searched the forum about as throughly as I could, and I did find some excellent info and pics, and I will be ordering the 2-CD archive of the past 50 years of IAA journals as well. Gotta love archives.

i have a lot of french magazines taking about arcane, thv and so on
but they are in french
same remark about eccc newspapers but in french !