MAGNUS Hst on 9x19mm-ID Needed

I need some help identifing the headstamp below. All comments appreciated.

Who is Magnus???

Who made the case???

I have looked for MAGNUS on the internet and there is a bullet company, but it appears they only make lead bullets. There is no indication they have loaded ammunition.

Any help is appreciated.


Is that an actual impressed “headstamp” with white paint added, or just painted-on letters? It’s hard to tell in the photo, and doesn’t show any depth to the letters…

I think that maybe it’s from Starline and made for:

Magnus Sports
Ortigas Home Depot Complex
Unit 184, Auto Depot Bldg
Julia Vargas Ave.
BO. Ugong, Pasig City

I agree that Starline made this case. The format and formation of the letters and the starts indicates that is 99% sure.

John Moss

Well done!!! Magnus Sports didn’t show up on the first 10 pages of my query.

It looked like Starline to me also.

Great help. Thanks!!!