Magtech Bonded First Defense 9mm 40 45

I have noticed over the past several months that Magtech seems to have a new line of pistol ammo which is borrowing their SCHP load name of “First Defense”, but which is listed as “Bonded” with that name prominently on the box. Magtech has no promotional information or press release on their website, and you have to dig just to find a few generic box images there which look to be artist-concepts. Thus far in the U.S. I have only seen Magtech Bonded in .40S&W and .45acp from a few scant online sellers with what look like Speer Gold Dot bullets (or something very similar to those).

The boxes in the U.S. are using the generic Magtech blue boxes and have printing on the end flaps which say “FD Bonded” meaning First Defense Bonded. “First Defense” used to be reserved strictly for their line of solid copper hollow point pistol ammo (many calibers), and was then revamped a couple years ago to be called “First Defense Justice” with the bullets coated in tin but only offered in 9mm, 40S&W, and .45acp. It looks like this will be Magtech’s offering for the upcoming 2015 SHOT show and they will likely have the new packaging styles in distribution by then or shortly after. On their website they show concept images of all their self-defense pistol ammo bearing the “First Defense” name including their SCHP loads, the “Guardian Gold” line, and these Bonded cartridges. I also saw one image showing a .300 Blackout box with the FD name:

I received a box of the new Magtech First-Defense Bonded 9mm 124gr today. The primer seals appear violet, with varying degrees of light violet to dark purple (it may look blue in the scan below). Nothing was too surprising except that the base of the bullet was strange in that it was concave with a partially exposed lead core in the center. I can only guess that this has to do with the bonding process whereby some of the core will push through the base upon penetration of the target and thus bind the jacket to the core somewhat?

The use of a colored primer seal on Civilian ammo is something that has not been done by CBC for a long time, when they went away from the red and green bullet and base to identify civilian and military ammunition respectively. I don’t recall seing the heavy primer crimps on much of their commercial stuff, either.

Another one I could use three of four of! Wow, these companies must have a lot of time on their hands, at the rate they are dreaming up new things to confound us with.

Thanks for posting all this stuff DK - it is the best venue I have seen for keeping us pistol ammo guys in the know about what is new.

I received some of the latest box version of this 9mm type today. Everything about the case / primer / headstamp is the same, but the box is much smaller. No doubt a cost saving measure. I did notice that this new box shows projectiles that are a little different with the hollow points showing a tighter nearly closed closure of the jacket petals over the lead, where the original version had noticeably more lead visible, shown in the lineup below. The base of the bullet is the same with the concave look about it.

I also came to realize that I had 3 box variations with the 2 originals being large and the oldest shown at bottom, with the newest small box on top of that lineup photo below. The two large box versions show data tables on the back, while the newest smaller version does not.

Meanwhile I had tested some of the .45acp into Clearballistics gel and the results were impressive. With 14” of typical penetration and excellent expansion, I would rate them right there with Gold Dots and HST’s.

And here is a 9mm Magtech First Defense Bonded that I shot into ballistics gel. Zero jacket / core separation, and mushroomed out nicely. Penetrated to 15".