Magtech Military 9 mm Parabellum

This Magtech box looks very typical but is shows a “9B MIL” product code used for military standard ammunition, a product that used to be exclusive to the CBC line. It was made in 1995 and available in the Argentine market, although I’m not sure if any police or military force actually purchased it for service use. Cartridges inside are headstamped 9 mm 95 - MRP - and have a brass primer cup marked V and secured by a triple stab crimp.

Can anyone confirm if this Magtech box with a “9A MIL” or “9B MIL” product code was available for sale in US, Europe or somewhere else? If so, which was the headstamp used?



Edit: “93” date should be “95”.

Australia has Purchased (in the early 2000s) quite a lot of “CBC” military 9mm ammo ( eg: CBC-02-9mm) for ADF use. Cases with crimped primers, non-corrosive Boxer. Don’t know what the Packets look like, though.

Doc AV

Fede, Very interesting. Like DocAV mentioned, I have seen a number of CBC dated military headstamps, frequently on remanufactured ammo. I have never seen a dated MRP headstamp. Could you post the headstamp that goes with the box???

Great info! Thanks.


Am I right in thinking that all Magtech ammo is now made by CBC in Brazil?

CBC have acquired a few ammo companies in recent years, and most seem to maintain their own production lines and identities. But it looks to me as if CBC have rationalised their small-arms ammo range, merging it with Magtech’s under the Magtech name. I would be grateful for any confirmation, or correction if I’m wrong!

Tony, CBC has bought at least MEN in Germany and S&B in Czechia.
The plants seem to having kept their identity in general but this year we have seen S&B made 9x19 with MEN headstamp.
Means they do similar to RUAG (we discussed that here some time back), they make ammo in a less expensive country and sell it as “made in Germany”.

Besides all this CBC seems to be one of the largest 12.7x99 case manufacturers for all sort of ammo manufacturers. Headstamps are to customer specs then but to what I see always have the distinctive CBC look.
This includes cases for Kynamco, DAG, MEN and some others.

Oddly, here in the US, even though all of the CBC-produced pistol ammunition, anyway, is sold under the MAGTECH name, they seemingly have abandoned the MRP headstamp, with all MAGTECH-boxed pistol cartridges having a CBC headstamp. I can’t speak to the question of shotgun shells, rimfires on CF rifle cartridges, as have paid zero attention to those.

the box as shown could not be sold in most European countries, because it lacks the CIP ammunition test symbol.
The Magtech 9 mm boxes I have seen in shops in Germany are dark blue. The “FMC (9B)” cartridges have a "9 mm Luger CBC " headstamp with CBC at the 6 o’clock position.
While marked “Made in Brazil” the boxes have the German Suhl proofhouse CIP symbol as part of the original print (not a stamp or label added later).

Peelen - the MRP 93 dated headstamp would likely be a contract for some police agency of some sort. If military it would probably be in a different style of box and if purely for commercial retail sales, would likely not have a dated headstamp.

So, that brings up my question. Are “Official” purchases (such as police and military contracts) subject to the same packaging rules as civilian ammunition, in this case, the requirement for CIP markings on the package?

That might make the possibility of it not being able to be sold, or yes, being able to be delivered to the ordering agency, in Europe. I believe my round came out of Europe, and am tempted to say Norway or Denmark, although I had already quit cataloging my collection due to lack of time and room for an orderly display of the collection (the latter is now rectified), and did not note it. Of course, some years later, my “wonderful” memory for such trivia is not so “wonderful” any more.

Lew, I don’t have any of these cartridges at hand, but here is a picture of the headstamp (a variation without crimps and likely reloaded due to the nickeled primer):


John, the abandonment of the MRP headstamp makes sense since on April 29, 1998 the company changed its name from Magtech Recreational Products, Inc. to Magtech Ammunition Company, Inc. This does not imply that they can’t use the “MRP” marking, but they evidently decided not to do so.

Regarding the “Magtech” trademark as shown in this box, it was filled in USA on January 31, 1991 by Magtech Recreational Products, Inc. of Las Vegas, Nevada, and it was filled in Brazil on November 11, 1991 by the Companhia Brasileira de Cartuchos (first use in commerce was on July 19, 1991). I mentioned this because, although Magtech is seen in the States as a US brand made by CBC in Brazil, which is correct, in other countries is seen as a Brazilian CBC brand, which is also correct.

Thanks everyone else for the help.



German law enforcement purchases (police, customs, prison guards) are exempt from gun law and its CIP requirements. But the boxes I have seen are more like the plain military type and all had a military type lot number (format like DAG13L0873).
Due to the lack of a lot number “in clear” I think use by German law enforcement is very improbable.


I don’t think it would have been used in Germany either. I was thinking only of what the norm for a European law directing the presence of certain specified information on a box label would be. I recall my round coming to me from either Denmark or Norway.

Wish Morten of Soren would chime in here. I could be wrong, as I have had my round for a very long time now.

This is the only Magtech for norwegian police box I have (courtesy of Morten btw) other norwegian contract boxes I have are MEN (recent) and Fiocchi (a while ago).
Note that the company Vapensmia was the facilitator of this contract. By ‘mantel’ I think they mean FMJ. I do not have any verified cases from this contract. They would probably be confiscated in the mail anyway.