Mailing ammunition


It is illegal to mail ammunition through the US Post office. Recently I did a report for the post office about ebay sellers who sell Civil War ammunition as relics and send them through the mail. Many think that ammo which has been dug up and has been in the ground for 100 + years is inert.

Don’t bet on it.

Much of this ammo is even more explosive and dangerous after it dries out then when it was new.

Mailing this stuff is a FEDERAL FELONY.

Send it by UPS.


What about receiving? I am all for paying $4 rather than $11 when buying a single cartridge on ebay/other auction sites/ civil war sites.


You have no legal obligation if someone mails you a live cartridge. They have commited a Federal Felony. You might want to report this to the PO but this is not a legal obligation. If you mail it to someone else THAT is a problem.

Paying big dollars to send a cartridge sucks,no doubt. Defending against a Federal felony charge is a sucking hurricane.

A big problem with this is that the PO is considering prohibiting the mailing of INERT ordnance . Some European countries have already done this. That really puts a damper on collecting. The business between the US and Europe is down 99% because most sellers will not ship to the US any longer.

Their argument is ; “how do we know that the item is INERT”? That is a valid consideration. The fact that folks are sending LIVE Civil War shells through the mail supports their argument.

I expect that the PO will prohibit mailing INERT shells and other ordnance items before the current administration leaves office. That will mean bullets , cases , dummies etc.