Mailing inert ammo to/from Canada (2006/12/08)


[quote]Originally posted by[b] Ray Meketa:[/b]

Anyone else seen this notice??

Does it mean no more cartridges between US and Canada or does “munitions” mean something else?



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Ray, it reads like explosive items - citing grenades and artillery rounds
rather than small arms items. But likely the best thing would be for a
Canadian member (Paul?) to obtain a clarification from Canada Post.


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The link is to a press release citing a change to Canada Post’s
"Non-Mailable Matter Regulations." Their equivalent of U.S.
Postal Regs are probably on line somewhere and should have a definition of
"munitions" or refer to another Canadian law which defines
them. (Lawyers tend to be good about defining things). It is better to
actually track down the actual written language than to depend on phone
calls to some bureaucrat who probably does not read their own regs, but
will give you an answer anyway. At least YOU will eventually find the
right answer. Actual enforcement folks may remain clueless and end up
costing you $$$$ in legal fees to win your case, even if you are right and
they arbitrarily decide otherwise. Conversely, if Mr. Bureaucrat gives you
an answer you like, not what is in the regs, you can end up in deep legal
trouble later and lose big time, even though their own bureaucrat said it
was okay (then). Everyone better research this one carefully and cite
chapter and verse to be able to prove it. Ask anyone ever hassled by the


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I had been doing business with a cartridge collector from canada. When the US laws where changed HE stated he could not even send empty rifle cartridges across the border. Vic