Maker Bullets Overwatch ammo "P-REX", HAVOX, Fullstop, Counterstrike, Silverback

I discovered last night that after having made solid copper rifle projectiles for a few years, Maker Bullets now has their own SCHP pistol projectiles called the “P-REX”. They will be having these projectiles loaded by L-Tech Ammunition and will call the line “Overwatch” self defense ammo (as a Maker Bullets brand). Not only this, but apparently this same projectiles is the “Fullstop” expanding SCHP projectile which L-Tech is just recently loading up to sell, and is also the same bullet as loaded by L-Tech for the American Reserve Munitions line called “Counterstrike”.

Beyond this revelation, I contacted Maker and got a response that they are also in fact the manufacturer of the SCHP projectiles for the Gorilla “Silverback” line of ammo, as well as the Umarex “Havox” SCHP airgun projectiles which I covered in last months Industry News column in the journal.

According to some results I found in online searches, Maker has been experimenting and refining this line of new pistol SCHP projectiles for the past 18 months at least.

The below photo comes from an Oleg Volk article dated July 2015 which describes the bullets as experimental, and which has ID tags on the image file as being Maker, and which obviously match the L-Tech loaded “Fullstop” and others:

In another Oleg Volk article from Feb 2016, he shows a load identified as an experimental 147gr subsonic 9mm Maker Bullet, and it is clearly the Gorilla Silverback:

Here is the link to Maker’s site with the projectiles and loaded ammo, where for loaded ammo they also have .223, .300BLK, and a 12ga slug:

Oddly, they sell .45acp projectiles, but not the 9mm projectiles which they have loaded by L-Tech. The .45’s might be the ones they make for Gorilla (that look sort of like Libra Snails without cores), or it might be something new that looks like the 3-petal 9mm version? I’ll find out when my order comes in.

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I received an order from Maker Bullets. The packaging for the loaded “Overwatch” 9mm and .300BLK is the increasingly popular TAC-PAC plastic blister style, these ones having some lazy sticker labels on them. The headstamp on the 9mm SST case is LTA for L-Tech I presume, and I assume that the American Reserve Counterstrike ammo will be the same, as well as the “FullStop” line if L-Tech ever gets going on loading their own label and gets their website up. On most of the SST cases, the “L” is too close to the primer hole, which obscures the bottom of the letter and makes it look like an upper-case i, and I thought at first they were ITA.

.45 bullet:

I heard back from Maker Bullets that they are also the manufacturer for the SCHP expanding projectiles used in the .44 magnum subsonic loads from Engel Ballistic Research, which I had talked about here: Engel Ballistic Research EBR new ammo

American Reserve Munitions just updated their site and now show several new photos, and the Countrerstrike 9mm is in stock. It is the same exact thing as the Maker Overwatch shown above, but at $37.90 per 50rds, A.R.M. is 0.25 cents less per rd than Maker, and also has much better packaging.

Also shown below is a box of ball ammo as part of their “Ultraprecise” line which is some sort of match grade loading.

In what I suppose is a blow to Maker bullets, American Reserve has now switched their “Counterstrike Defense” brand over from using the Maker P-REX bullets, to using the External Hollow Point projectiles from G9 bullets. I had been keeping an eye on G9, wondering when they were going to do anything, and it looks like American Reserve is the first to pounce on this new design (that I have noticed). I assume that L-Tech Enterprises is still the manufacturer assembling these for American Reserve anyway… ? As I discussed in another thread about G9’s E.H.P. solid copper projectiles, they are sort of a solid copper version of the Polycase ARX, or a twisted version of the Lehigh Xtreme Defense bullet. The idea is the same, with wound-channel cavitation being the goal. As is becoming more common these days, American Reserve is going with a black oxide coat for the 9mm version (plain copper for the .380). Still using the SST case on 9mm.

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Has anyone done any testing to see if the oxidation causes any change in performance?

Strelok - I don’t think the black oxide coating does anything much other than give it looks, and maybe reduces copper-fouling in the barrel a tiny bit.

Also just noticed something new from American Reserve Munitions:

The people in charge at A.R.M. are apparently smitten with the obscure fantasy book series “Monster Hunter International” by pro-gun author Larry Correia. A.R.M. has partnered with Rocky Mountain Reloading (RMR Bullets) of Lewiston, ID to load up a series of FMJ ammo with novelty packaging and horned-gnome stamps punched into the truncated flat point of the bullets loaded into this ammo. The ammo lines offered are listed as such things as “Anti huge-spider ammo”, or “anti Gnome ammo”, etc… It’s just basic jacketed flat point ammo on generic brass, but with stamped bullets and funny packaging:


That’s some interesting marketing, I’ll have to be on the lookout for some

An article on the Guns .com website from a couple weeks ago about the L-Tech “Fullstop” effort. They are apparently forging ahead with this still, despite not having a functional retail website. They probably make this available for any retailer wanting to sell it who already sells their other ammo.

I recently came across Mid America Munitions who are loading the Maker P-Rex SCHP in a few calibers, shown below, they market it as the “Broadhead”. The headstamps are all JAG. I also saw on the Shell Shock Technology Facebook feed that Center Mass Ammunition is now loading a newer Maker Bullets SCHP variant on SST cases which looks sort of like an earlier prototype projectile from Maker shown earlier in the thread, and also one of the bullet types which they were doing exclusively for Gorilla Ammo’s Silverback line… It has a pineapple grenade look about it, and Center Mass is branding it is the “Mess-Maker”. It looks like a fragmenting projectile, but the images of it having been fired into gel show an expander with several small petals.

Mid America Munitions P-Rex loads:

Center Mass “Mess Maker” 9mm: