*** malware warning ! ***


I just removed a spam post by “NervyiPetr” which directed the viewer to a web site which purportedly would remove porno from your drive.

In actuality, it attempts to install some sort of malware (virus, worm, Trojan Horse, etc.) on your system.

There were 29 views of this topic at the time I deleted it. Anyone who clicked on the link should run an anti-virus scan IMMEDIATELY with updated virus definitions to prevent or minimize issues on your system!

If you see a topic which doesn’t seem to belong, stay away from it for a day or so. If it is still there after a day, it will be legitimate. Between the five of us, this forum and new registrations are checked several times a day to protect YOU. Opening up the questionable posts only exposes YOU to things like this while encouraging the spammer vermin.