Mannlicher 8x50R hs

any ideas for GA headstamp? As I only know it’s Bulgarian production.

Sorry for condition but dont have better one ;)

I think the letters are cyrillic CA, hence SA for Sofia Arsenal (or whatever the Bulgarian word for arsenal is). Jack

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Oh, yes CA = София Арсенал. Idk why I read this as GA. Anyway thank You for help!

This is not София Арсенал, because there is no such thing. There is a Kazanlak - Arsenal.

Sorry, but up to the WWI, CA existed outside Sofia;
Kazanlak was developed in the 1920-30s, and had the stamp
Voinni Fabrika, or Bphi ( cyr. “F”)
Only recently has it adopted the commercial name “Arsenal”.
Doc AV

DocAV is right, the correct manufacturer is Sofia Arsenal (Софийски арсенал).

Regarding the initials “V F”, they stand for “Voenna Fabrika”, short for Darzhavna Voenna Fabrika, Kazanlak.

And regarding use of the name “Arsenal”, it has been used since 1989.



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[…] name “Arsenal”, it has been used since 1989.

So what’s the proper name for CA in 1888?

The full name used was “Sofia Artillery Arsenal”.

Note: I can’t read the date, but it is not 1888 because this headstamp came later.

Fede, thank you!

Maybe it’s strange but for sure here is date 1888. Case was loaded second time…

The use of the name “Arsenal” as a stand-alone corporate name for the combined Ammunition and Firearms facilities after the fall of Communism. IE, Arsenal Inc.

Doc AV

Unfortunately, these are not AC or CA letters. These are the letters AG = Maschinen- und Waggonfabrik
A.-G, Vienna - Simmering, Austria.

The letters CA only appear with the Lion standing symbol. And then they meant - Софийски Aрсенал (Sofia Arsenal) They were also produced in Austria, a Bulgarian contract, only cases.Letters are very similar, and they are easier to read from undamaged photo%202

The pictures show differences.




Rufus, well observed, you are right about the manufacturer and that explains the 1888 date. However, regarding the Bulgarian “CA” headstamp, it also exists without the lion.



A strange headstamp, “AG” since that would be like a US Cartridge manufacturer simply putting “Inc.” for the company ID. Not arguing that the Actien-Gesellschaft (A.-G) ID is wrong; simply find it odd.

John Moss

Well done! Thank You!

This is certainly not a Bulgarian production because the Bulgarian stamp is the first ВФ to become ДВФ.


I just leave there my well used one :)

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