Mannlicher clip marking

Hello, can somebody help me with the marking(s) I found on the side of my Mannlicher clip? There is a “K” and something (maybe “M”?) in the red circle. (or there is nothing there just corrosion). Thats the manufacturer of the clip?IMG_20181201_141230%20m%C3%A1solata
Thanks for the help.

Firstly is it a 11mm M 1886 clip, or an 8mm M 1888 clip?
The K could be Keller & company, usually “KC” on headstamps…is there any stamps on the spine of the clip…usual marking position.

Doc AV

Its an M1888 clip for 8mm and thats the only marking on it.

That is odd. Agree with Doc, could be Keller but they used a KC stamp. The K is also facing the wrong direction from the examples I’ve seen, it should be facing the top of the clip. It’s also the wrong style for Keller & Company. I’m not even really sure that’s a K, as if that’s a serif style marking then it’s missing the legs at the bottom…but it’s hard to tell, and I don’t know what else it could be. Upon zooming in I can sorta see what you mean by an M marking, but I think that’s just pitting. Sorry that I can’t answer your question but it’s certainly a nice little puzzle you’ve presented. :) If you find another like it be sure to post it as well!

I missed this one first time around. I can’t add anything in terms of the marking apart from it being unusual as the marks usually read along the ribbing, in production terms that’s the easy option … however, unless the official specification demands this then who knows ?

Here’s a Keller & Co marked clip;

Little attention has been given to clips by collectors over the years, consequrently even less is conclusively known about these, the ultimately disposable item.


Thanks for the comments, thats not the only interesting thing about this clip. It came with steel cases. As a mainly 8x50r Mannlicher collector that was the 2nd time i saw steel cases :)

Wheskost - What is the headstamp on the steel-case cartridges that came with it? That might provide a clue as to who made the clips.

John M.

All of them are GR ones. I don’t know if these cartridges are the original ones what came with this clip but maybe.

And I have brass cases from the same period, do someone know the history behind it? Why did they made steel and brass cases at the same time? The steel cases just experimental ones?

Steel cartridge cases for the 8 m/m M93 were made in significant quantities during WW.I for the Austro-Hungarian armed forces but never replaced brass cases. Jack