Mannlicher Clips for the 6.5 x 53.5R mm Dutch M95 cartridge


These clips are those, which will not accept the thick-rimmed “Roumanian” cartridge.
The words relate to the images according to the column and number (from the top downwards):

  1. Lacquered steel marked 25B and with a 4mm diameter hole punched through the base - Netherlands. Left column, 1.
  2. Lacquered steel marked 35B - Netherlands. Left column, 2.
  3. Lacquered steel marked 37B - Netherlands. Left column, 3.
  4. Lacquered steel marked 39B - Netherlands. Left column, 4.
  5. Lacquered steel marked 40 B D T - Unknown. Left column, 5
  6. Lacquered steel marked 18 K - Possibly Kynoch 1918? Right column, 1.
  7. Tinned steel marked 09 A - Unknown. Right column, 2.
  8. Tinned steel marked X - Unknown. Right column, 3.
  9. Bright nickel-plated, unmarked – Unknown. Right column, 4.
  10. Tinned steel marked GR (intertwined and circled) – George Roth, complete with Roth wood bulleted blanks. Not illustrated.

Typical Dutch made clips are marked with the last two digits of the year of manufacture plus a letter (e.g. B) to indicate the steel lot. But has anyone seen any other letters, mine are all B?

Why does the 25B clip have an additional 4mm hole through the base, it must have some meaning?

The 40 B D T clip looks exactly like any lacquered Dutch clip except for the additional letters “DT” at the opposite end to the 40B. What do these letters signify?

The bright nickeled unmarked clips are fairly common which makes me wonder if they are an after-market commercial variant, can anyone confirm this or offer a better theory please?

These are the only examples in my collection. Comments on the above are welcome, especially corrections or additions such as manufacturers where I haven’t shown them above.



Dutch clips dated before 1917 are seen with the letters A, B or V. Those from 1917 and 1918 have the letters A, B, H, K, M, N, R, S or T. (there might be others I’ve not seen). I presume these are makers or contract codes and represent a dramatic increase in production during the years of the First World War.

I have it in my notebook that those clips marked ‘DT’ were made by JN Daalderop of Tiel whilst the ‘AZ’ marked ones were by van Antwerpen of Zwijndrecht.

I’ve always believed that the nickeled clips with the larger aperture were commercial production although this is based on nothing more than surmise and a vague feeling that in the past someone told me it was so.



other Dutch Clips from KNIL sources:

FN 22 ( with contract FN22 ammo, often reloaded in KNIL with 37.38 and 39 dates)

37A, B, C & D AI etc. A Lot of the purple lacquered clips of the Late 30s are “AI” ( Artillerie Inrichtingen,) production. ( also KNIL).

Before WW I, the Dutch used “coded” headstamps for both Clips and Cartridge cases, with most coming from German and Austrian Makers.

Doc AV


I have 76 different Dutch clips at my collection
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