Mannlicher H headstamp

I have a question: Why on 8x50R Mannlicher cases, “H” (Hirtenberg) marking is with/without dot? Is there any rational explanation?


Sorry for bad pics.

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I have no answer for the “why” of it, but can note it is not unique to the caliber. You find that on auto pistol cartridges also.

John Moss

I know, it’s pretty common. I am just asking from curiosity. Only for Hirtemberg exist two types of headstamp. - with and without dot.

anemon - it is not just Hirtenberg that has such idiosyncrasies in their headstamps. RWS and GECO before WWII each had series of dots on various headstamps. To this day, we are unsure of their meaning. Some think it is a date code. I am sure there are other little things differing from headstamp to headstamp with other makers as well.

In the USA, even before a lot of American companies starting buying brass anywhere they could get it, and they coded the headstamps with the placement in various positions of dots and sometimes other symbols as a code to the actual case makers, Remington was bringing out small variations of the same R-P headstamp. Length of the dash, spacing of the letters, styles and size of the letters, sometimes nothing between “R P” and sometimes a dot instead of any length of dash. All this seemingly with meaning. At least I have never found an explanation for taking the same basic headstamp and altering things like font, spacing, etc.

I am sure I could find dozens of examples of more than one type of headstamp for a single maker, without even counting basic little nuances to the exact same headstamp.

John Moss

I think we have not understood. As “only Hirtenberg” I meant only in A-H 8x50R manufacturers. But anyway, thank you for interesting information!

Sorry anemon, I did misunderstand.