Tak dneska dva krásný Mannlichery 8x54R
Kdo by o nich věděl víc. Ten vpravo má dřevěnou střelu.

Jsou to 6,5 mm a ne 8 mm?

Ahoj, omlouvám se je to 8

SB= Sellier & Bellot
GR= Georg Roth

8x50R, ne 8x54R!
Doc AV

When first I posted in this thread I stated in error that S&B made no 8 m/m M93 cartridges for the Austro-Hungarian forces. That’s incorrect. A careful (I hope!) reading of Moetz shows that down to 1914 S&B’s only military rifle cartridge production for AH was 11 m/m Werndl in 1883. In 1914-16 they produced the Werndl round, and from 1916-18 made 8 m/m M93 for the imperial forces. Jack

Yes, I thought so. In the S&B sporting arms and ammunition Museum in Vlasim castle, there is a full Drawset of M93 8x50R cartridges and Bullets, and a full set of M95 charger development, dating from WWI.
Saw in 1993 visit to S&B Vlasim.

Doc AV