Manual of pistol & revolver cartridges


Does anyone know where / how to get a copy of the 1998 version (706 pages) of “manual of pistol and revolver cartridges”? Si publications says it is out of print and they don’t have it anymore. On the foreign Ebay sites and some book seller websites I sometimes see the older versions with the red cover that had European and American /English stuff in 2 volumes, but I never see the newer combined 2nd edition anywhere.


Sorry, can’t help with finding them, but I have three volumes of the original red cover books.


The 1998 edition is the merged and amended edition of the previously three single volumes.

I tried to look them up as second hand books and found that some people asking crazy prices for any edition of those.


what does the third volume cover?


The Third Volume covers both inch and metric cartridges that were not in the first two volumes.


Years ago I got my copy from Abe Books on-line. I waited a long time for a copy to come up for sale. You may try checking Abe’s website.


I found one, on - but the seller wants 180 Euros! ($257.00) which is pretty absurd. even if all the photos are in color, which I can’t imagine, that would be too high. If I bide my time I’ll probably end up seeing one on Ebay for $40 or $50 at some point - I hope.

Are many photos in color in this edition?


I don’t recall any color photos in any of the Erlmeier-Brandt editions. Since 90% + of the pictures are of ordinary ball cartridges, since the book is a study of case types, not cartridge variations, by and large (Yes, variations are shown in some of the major caliers, but I don’t know why they bothered since in calibers like 9 mm and .45, they barely scratch the surface), I am not sure that color photos would add anything of importance.


The thing that sort of got my hopes up about the book was seeing an image of the back cover of the 1998 edition at the ECRA website, where it shows some specialty cartridges. But like so many books of this sort, it might be just showing the eye-candy cartridges on the color cover, and not have much of that stuff in the book:


Matt - I just check my late, combined edition of EB and there are zero color photos inside the book. The only cartridge even on the back cover where the color adds anything is the one short-top cartridge. The early three volumes have no color photos anywhere. I checked them, too, while I was at it. Even in the text of the three volumes, the number of cartridges where a color photo would be enlightening could be counted on your fingers, I think.

We all like color, but the truth is, in a book like EB that is case type-oriented, the are “gilding the lily,” and add little to the educational value of the books.

A book on, say, militarty rifle ammunition types, with colored bands, colored tips, etc., would be a different story, of course.


I got my copy from Dixie Gun Works about 4 years ago. Worth az check - they may still have it,