Since naval and aircraft armament was discussed recently and many people seem to be interested I post here 2 manuals to download:

  • NAVEDTRA 14110, Gunner’s Mate 1 & C, 1996, 624 pages (unclassified)
  • NAVEDTRA 14313, Aviation Ordnanceman, 2001, 526 pages (unclassified)

The link:

Click on “Free” when a window opens and then wait some seconds till you get access. You download the file, unzip it, read it.


EOD–Ok, I downloaded the file. Now what do I need to open it. It has a .rar extension that I do not recognize. I found a web site that sells readers for this format. Is there a free reader? Any chance of posting these manuals as .pdf files?


In computing, RAR is a proprietary file format for data compression and archiving, developed by Eugene Roshal (hence the name RAR: Roshal ARchive). Some people mistakenly believe that RAR stands for “Russian ARchiver”.

The files extension is .rar. The MIME-Type is application/x-rar-compressed.

More at:

RAR is akin to ZIP. Try going to or and grab WinRAR. Not an official endorsement of the products, but it’s what I use.



As Christopher said. You just need the “WinRar” zipping/unzipping tool (a Windows thing). It is very common and can be downloaded in many places as Christopher advised. Once you have it you can use it very easy and it comes in handy if you weather upload files like I did here or when you wanna send an email with many images or other files you just make 1 of all together by zipping and do not have to upload everything by hand. The whole thing works by right clicking your mouse and choosing “unzip here” or “add to …” (it shows you the folder name the file is in).


Thanks for sharing these EOD!


THANX EOD for sharing the manuals, there’s some very interesting information contained in them.


Here are pics of the front of the GMM manuals from the early/mid 70’s. The GMM 3 & 2 manual is much more interesting for the hands on types(lots more pictures) vs policy and procedures stuff in the Chief’s manual.



And here’s the AIRMAN manual. Pretty basic stuff. 70’s era.


Awesome! These manuals have some extream information and really capture a time of history. More pics!!!