Just got an email for “BRUIN KINETICS”, and you must click on the “I am over 21” before you can even look at what is on their web site…
Who is “GGG”?
Not a great selection of ammo so far, all FMJ: 9mm: 124 gr, .223 (M193/223): 55 gr, 7.62x39: 124 gr

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800 Main St STE 24
Antioch IL 60002

Fairly popular for training ammo/bullets in 7,62x51 and 5,56x45 here in Norway. The ammo is pretty good for what it is.


Also used by several militaries. If for training only I can not tell.

I wonder about the .223 bullet weight, since no military is using that light of a projectile in the U.S., as far as I can tell, and has not for quite a few years.

I went to the 62 grain bullet many years ago for much better ballistics and greater accuracy at distance.

i think some foreign armies using “old” weapons who can still use the 55gr bullet
recently a post show vietnam manufacture 5.56 and they use the 55gr bullet

We have .223 sold with bullets 55,62,69 and 77 grains
I consider a pretty good quality cartridge.