Manufacturer ID

Does anyone know the manufacturer of this 20x128mm Oerlikon cartridge?

026 A.B. Svenska Metallverken. Västerås, Sweden


Yes, but this is the lot number here. The manufacturer is “SD”.

Correct I am looking for whom the manufacture “SD” is.
This is Not code 026 marked.

The only place I could find the manufacturer’s code “SD” was in a couple of issues of the Manufacturers’ code guides by Dhr. R. P. de Heer (Netherlands). In both issues I looked at, the latest one from 2016, “SD” is shown as representing Sparklet Devices, Inc., Dover Division, Dover, Ohio.

Codes of which I am aware, in my own specialty, from these lists are accurate. I am not qualified to judge whether or not this is the correct interpretation of a headstamp on a 20 x 128 mm Oerlikon Cartridge. I have no idea which kind of ammunition products were produced by Sparklet Devices. This is only offered as a starting point, and as early as 1986, the code could have a different manufacturer identity. I simply don’t know.

John Moss

I doubt it to be a US manufacturer.

Sparklet was earlier I believe. we had looks very similar to those made in both Spain and Switzerland in style and font so believe it’s likely somewhere in that area.

Switzerland hardly makes steel cases itself. Most they have as “Oerlikon” is made elswhere.

I’d be looking for some European country.

The US made SD was on a 1943, steel cased Cal. .50 and it was apparently a short lived enterprise as only a few seem to have ever been loaded. Only one headstamp seems to be known but a few case finishes were tried.
Sparklet Dvices Cal. .50 hs

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Yes was thinking similar to santa Barbara or Psw or even like bm of the UK… in similarities

Pete - thanks. It was just a gamble on my part. I readily admit to not knowing squat about anything much bigger than a .45-70, and the latter only as a shooter. I actually had never seen that .50 headstamp before. Never collected them, but have had a lot of them go thru my hands prior to the California law outlawing firearms in that caliber. (A .416 Barrett is more effective, and perfectly legal. Perfect example of the thinking in California Government).

I don’t know the meaning of “SD”, but the case was manufactured in England by BMARCo.

Fede, maybe a customers requirement then?

BMARCo was/is a subsidiary of Oerlikon.
What are they doing today?

It was adcquired by Astra in 1988 and then by BAe in 1992, but closed during the same year.

Thanks! I wondered already what had happened to them!

Did Astra sell only BMARCo to BAE or did BAE buy Astra with all it’s belongings?

OK so was BM or BMARC. It looked identical for 007 97