Manufacturer identification


Here is a picture taken from a Greek catalogue.
What is the official name of the manufacture (Cartoucherie Hellenique or other name) ?


The full name of this company in English is “Greek Powder and cartridge company”. But between the World Wars the main business language (also for cartridge manufacturers) was French. So in French the name of this company is “Pouderie et Cartouche Hellenique”. And greek name of this company is "ΣΛΛΗΝΙΚΟ ΠΨΡΙΤΙ


Judging from the initials on the box, “S.H.P.C.,” I suspect in this case the French name was probably in the form "Soci


I would say, (excuse me)! in a better french :



Philippe, mon ami, are you intimating that you speak better French than I do? Well… I guess you probably do. My ten words of French probably doesn’t constitute fluency. Seriously, thanks for the correction. At least I was on the right track in deciphering the initials to get at the form of the name. Merci beaucoup. (Did I spell that right?)